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Easy Expense vs. QuickBooks Online & Self-Employed

Finding the right business expense tracker app can be overwhelming, especially as a small business owner or self-employed freelancer. If you don't know which mobile app to choose after reading our best expense tracker apps, we've summarized and compared important features between Easy Expense and QuickBooks for you.


Easy Expense
Individual Use (Solo)
Multiple Users (Teams)
Unlimited Receipt Scans (Free)

Easy Expense is the most affordable expense tracker app when it comes to pricing. Although QuickBooks charges a flat monthly fee, your team is limited from 3-25 users depending on your pricing plan. With Easy Expense's team subscription plan, you can track expenses as a team without having to worry about limits.

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Expense Tracking 🧾

Easy Expense
QuickBooks Online | SE
Instant receipt data
Auto scan & cropping
Track sales tax
Set a budget
✅ | ❌
Add multiple businesses
✅ | ❌

For scanning receipts, Easy Expense is the better option with instant receipt data. Although QuickBooks has auto scan and cropping, their auto scan doesn't seem to capture the receipt for you, which means time wasted.

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Mileage Tracking 🚗

Easy Expense
QuickBooks Online | SE
Automatic GPS tracking
Manual GPS tracking
Saved locations
Custom mileage rates
Odometer tracking

QuickBooks severely lacks in mileage tracking customization and efficiency. As they're mainly tailored for USA taxes, you'll be disappointed if you're tracking from a different location. You can track much more with Easy Expense to save time and money!

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Expense Reports 📝

Easy Expense
QuickBooks Online | SE
Generate expense reports
Create custom reports
Expense summary reports
Multiple sharing options
Multiple report formats

Although QuickBooks has better reports for financial business insights, they can only be shared via email. For QuickBooks Online, exporting reports was not possible through their mobile app.

With Easy Expense, you can easily download, email, or share a link to a report.

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What users say about Easy Expense

Heidi Butau
June 3, 2023
The Easy Expense app has simplified my budgeting experience, and I highly recommend it. It's incredibly user-friendly. I love that I can add categories and merchant details without switching windows, making it super convenient. The reports feature has made me more organized than ever before. I used to dread looking at my finances, but now I enjoy it. The best part is the amazing customer support. They are prompt and go above and beyond to help. Overall, Easy Expense has been a fantastic tool.
19 people found this review helpful
Mya Liya
April 12, 2023
So far I really like the app. I've used it for a year when I started using it to track mileage. I like that I can go in later and add travel dates that I didn't get to do on the day I traveled. I'm recently trying the receipt scanner which works very nicely overall though sometimes I have to correct information but that is easy to do. I'm hoping it's easy to see all possible deductions in one place versus non deductions but I've not found that yet.
56 people found this review helpful
Matthew Langley
April 8, 2023
It is pretty good overall. It always seems to get the total of a receipt correct, but sometimes I have to enter tax manually (which is mainly what I started using it to track). It seems to have difficulty with tax when it's labeled as food tax due to a different rate or with digital receipts, possibly due to it not being next to the total.
50 people found this review helpful
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