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Best Business Expense Tracker Apps in 2024

Although tracking expenses is generally helpful to see where your money is going, it’s crucial when it comes to business and tax write-offs. Whether you’re a small business owner or a self-employed freelancer, tracking business expenses allows you to remain tax-compliant, track spending, and maximize your tax deductions. With a mobile expense tracker, save time and money as you track expenses on the go.

Cost Per Year
Instant Receipt Scan
Add Unlimited Businesses
Includes 20 users
Direct Tax Filing
Works Offline
Easy Expense
Zoho Expense
Easy Expense
Zoho Expense
Cost Per Year
Instant Receipt Scan
Add Unlimited Businesses
Includes 20 Users
Direct Tax Filing
Works Offline

Best Business Expense Tracker Apps

  1. Easy Expense - Best mobile expense tracker app overall
  2. QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Self-Employed - Best for small businesses and self-employed tax filers
  3. Expensify - Best for large organizations and business card spending
  4. Everlance - Best for automatic mileage tracking with simple expense tracking
  5. Zoho Expense - Best for business travel expense management

These reviews are mainly based on the mobile app versions and not the web apps (website). All expense trackers reviewed have the following features:

  • Automated expense tracking (bank linking)
  • Automatic mileage tracking (GPS)
  • Expense reports
  • Cloud storage

Easy Expense

Best mobile expense tracker app overall
Heidi Butau
June 3, 2023
The Easy Expense app has simplified my budgeting experience, and I highly recommend it. It's incredibly user-friendly. I love that I can add categories and merchant details without switching windows, making it super convenient. The reports feature has made me more organized than ever before. I used to dread looking at my finances, but now I enjoy it. The best part is the amazing customer support. They are prompt and go above and beyond to help. Overall, Easy Expense has been a fantastic tool.
19 people found this review helpful
Mya Liya
April 12, 2023
So far I really like the app. I've used it for a year when I started using it to track mileage. I like that I can go in later and add travel dates that I didn't get to do on the day I traveled. I'm recently trying the receipt scanner which works very nicely overall though sometimes I have to correct information but that is easy to do. I'm hoping it's easy to see all possible deductions in one place versus non deductions but I've not found that yet.
56 people found this review helpful
Matthew Langley
April 8, 2023
It is pretty good overall. It always seems to get the total of a receipt correct, but sometimes I have to enter tax manually (which is mainly what I started using it to track). It seems to have difficulty with tax when it's labeled as food tax due to a different rate or with digital receipts, possibly due to it not being next to the total.
50 people found this review helpful


Easy Expense is a powerful expense tracker that’s perfect for self-employed freelancers, small business owners, or business & personal expense tracking. Focusing on mobile app development, Easy Expense features a simple interface that streamlines expense tracking to save time and money.

Key features

  • AI scanner: Auto-crops your receipt and extracts the vendor, category, tax, total, and payment method
  • Auto categorization: Expenses are automatically assigned to maximize your tax deductions
  • Simple and detailed reports: Generate expense reports (or custom reports) for easy reimbursement or tax filing
  • Multiple workspaces: Manage multiple businesses or separate expense types with one account
  • Team expense tracking: Track expenses together as a team with different levels of access


  • User-friendly interface: Easily log your expenses and mileage with a few taps
  • Instantly extract receipt data: Save time and reduce backtracking after scanning without the wait
  • Loaded with customization: Create your own vendors, categories, mileage rates, and much more
  • Spending & budget summaries: View overall spending for valuable financial insights


  • Web app in development: If you mainly track expenses on the computer, there aren't as many features available
  • No odometer tracking


  • Easy Expense’s free plan includes unlimited expense tracking and receipt scans for solo users
  • Individual subscription plan is $74/year for unlimited workspaces and bank links
  • Team subscription plan is $144/year up to 20 users (only one subscription needed)
Learn More About Easy Expense

QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Self-Employed

Best for small businesses and self-employed tax filers
Charles Sellers
June 20, 2023
Bad functionality, keep not being able to access at least half of my customers or open invoices on the mobile app, not able to see past invoices for any of my customers. Bad mileage tracking, some times it works some times it doesn't, usually it screws up at least the start or end point. Kinda sad that a company like this is having these issues. They didn't squash bugs with the update on the 13th they created more!
3 people found this review helpful
David Santry
May 16, 2023
The app on my phone keeps turning off mileage tracking, and almost never allows me to edit and send invoices. The web version has glitches and faults as well. Most notably failure to record transactions that are linked to credit cards or banks... the automatic recording of transactions between linked accounts and an easy to use app on my phone are the very reasons I signed up in the first place... and don't even get me started on the fees.... you don't get what you pay for these days...
22 people found this review helpful
Vernice Joachim
April 15, 2023
Annoyed doesn't even describe it. When I started using the app it never connected me to the subscription or anything so when the free trial ended there was no way to go back and add it. Also it doesn't even keep up with the money fast enough. There's about a 2 day delay to the amount of money in your bank. You can't snap receipts from the app either
49 people found this review helpful


QuickBooks Online contains features perfect for small businesses, while QuickBooks Self-Employed is more for individual contractors or freelancers. Their features revolve around maximizing tax deductions, tax filing, and financial business insights.

Key features for QuickBooks Online

  • Invoicing: Create invoices and take payments
  • Inventory tracking: Know what products you have available and the ones you need to restock
  • Manage and pay bills: View your bills and make payments through QuickBooks

Key features for QuickBooks Self-Employed

  • Invoicing: Create invoices and take payments
  • Tax breakdowns: View quarterly or annual tax deductions and estimated tax burden
  • Tax services: Export your data for Schedule C taxes and make quarterly tax payments through QuickBooks
  • CPA help: Certified public accountants are available for tax advice and review


  • Great for tax beginners: Be confident in filing taxes with access to CPAs and tax-deductible categories
  • Profit and loss tracking: View trends and detailed reports to make informed business decisions


  • No free plan: After a 30-day trial, you must buy a subscription
  • Can be expensive: If you’re comfortable filing taxes yourself or have a CPA, there are cheaper alternatives


  • QuickBooks Online: Subscription plans range from $96-$360/user/year
  • QuickBooks Self-Employed: Subscription plans range from $180-$420/year


Best for large organizations and business card spending
A Google user
April 30, 2019
At first, I had a little trouble getting the receipt scan to work right. It turned out it was an account setting that my employer had defaulted to off. Expensify email support responded within 10 minutes. Once past that, the scan feature works well, and the receipts upload and integrate well with the web site. So far, after a month of use, I have only had one receipt scan the amount incorrectly. And in that case the receipt had two different "totals", so you would not expect that. Expensify is easier to use and streamlines receipt upload compared to Concur.
44 people found this review helpful
A Google user
April 10, 2019
Does a great job of capturing the receipt and creating a report - so it gets a couple stars. OCR works decently (only a few errors on the 10 receipts that I uploaded). It will not, however, put the report in the same order as your receipt images - there's no automated way to have your list match your images. So what you end up with is a list of expenses and all of your receipt images and you have to manually sort them. Verified this through their online support. From their support: "It is not random, but the order cannot be changed. " If you want to spend time after you create your expense report putting the report in the same order as your receipt images, then this is the software for you. If you are looking for something "easy", keep looking...
55 people found this review helpful
A Google user
July 10, 2019
Very very good. Not perfect. Smartscan often misses obvious currency indicators, which requires manual correction, but compared to entering everything manually, it's fantastic. Saves me at least an hour per month, probably more. Support team sometimes slow to respond (and sometimes I feel like I'm chatting with a clueless bot) but they do follow up and incorporate feedback and suggestions.
17 people found this review helpful


Expensify offers receipt scanning, mileage tracking, approval workflows, and business cards. With many features and integrations, Expensify is great for those seeking more advanced business and expense management.

Key features

  • SmartScan: Extracts the vendor, date, currency, and total
  • Approval workflows: Expense reports can be approved for reimbursement
  • Business credit card: Track real-time spending with cashback on business purchases
  • Payroll: Completely managed payroll services


  • Receipt accuracy ensured: If receipt data can't be extracted, it’ll get flagged for human review
  • Multiple approvers: Approve report reimbursements through multiple users
  • Discounts and up to 4% cashback: Get cashback and discounts with the Expensify card
  • Reimbursements and invoicing: Handle payments and communicate with your clients through the app


  • Scanning takes time: It takes a few minutes to extract data, which means waiting
  • Locked-in data: Once you send a report, the report and its expenses can’t be edited
  • No financial summaries: It's not possible to view expense summaries overall


  • Expensify’s free plan includes expense tracking and invoicing, with the ability to accept payments
  • Limited to 25 SmartScans monthly or $5/mo for unlimited scanning
  • Subscription plans range from $120-$216/user/year; save 50% by using Expensify's card


Best for automatic mileage tracking with simple expense tracking
Thomas M Robarts
May 20, 2023
Having mixed results. Lately it's been crashing daily and the only way I can fix it is by restarting the phone. Also there's no where to insert starting mileage when starting a new trip, unless I'm missing something you have to end the current trip before you can add a note of what the starting mileage was. Also it doesn't allow you to put in any information until after the trip is done..I don't really get why. Yes I could add a trip.. id rather be able to start a trip and label it ahead of time
10 people found this review helpful
Jim Sulley
May 25, 2023
Update, giving up on the paid version. Drops too many trips. Ones that I have classified come back as unclassified and then trips the whole week thing, Great idea but in the end if it doesn't track all trips, what's the point? The app is ok, not great, not bad. You do miss trips if you don't go in and classify your trips at least once a week, which kind of defeats the idea of it tracking you trips so you don't forget ones.
7 people found this review helpful
Cody Calvert
May 18, 2023
It has been an excellent experience so far. The swipe feature for whether a drive was for personal or work is great, and it saves your trips for when you forget to toggle it on. Very very good feature. I have a subscription to this service and I don't regret it one bit. This is one of the only apps I am currently paying for.
1 person found this review helpful


Everlance is great if you're mostly driving for business purposes or for companies like Uber, Lyft, or DoorDash! Everlance features auto-trip classifications, work hours, auto trip tracking, and more to ensure you’re maximizing your mileage and tax deductions.

Key features

  • Different GPS tracking styles: Log individual or long session trips
  • Mileage tracker optimization: Ensures trips are accurately recorded
  • Favorite trips and locations: Create trips quickly with saved data
  • Track Revenue: Record incoming transactions as revenue either manually or automatically


  • Set work hours: Auto-classify your trips by setting the hours you drive for work
  • Auto create reports: Expenses and trips classified as work are automatically added to a report
  • Customize your trips: Add your own vehicle, note, tags or driving purpose


  • No receipt scanner: You’ll have to capture and input receipt data manually
  • One mileage deduction rate: It’s not possible to have different mileage rates simultaneously


  • Everlance's free plan includes unlimited manual mileage and expense tracking, with 30 automatically tracked trips monthly
  • Individual subscription plans range from $60-$120/year
  • Team subscription plans range from $120-$396/user/year

Zoho Expense

Best for business travel expense management
A Google user
January 25, 2019
App makes biz travel so much easier. I love having the ability to record transactions on the spot. The integration with the Lyft app is invaluable. My only not so positive experience is with the website interface. It could be much more intuitive. I frequently have to fumble around to create reports and charts. However, that's not enough of a bother for me to give the app 4 stars.
87 people found this review helpful
A Google user
May 25, 2023
they removed the autoscan feature from the free version without mentioning it. spent a lot of frustrating time trying to get it to work. there's no plan available for a single user. EDIT: I wish I could take away a star. After contacting customer service, I was told that I was ineligible because I signed up too late. More wasted time, bait and switch company.
119 people found this review helpful
A Google user
June 13, 2019
Overall solid. It is a intuitive and easy to learn app that makes expense reporting much easier. The auto scan is generally very good but does need to be checked. Occasionly there's a little glitch with the save button once entries have been entered, But that's a minor thing. A very worthwhile app overall.
59 people found this review helpful


Zoho Expense, part of the Zoho suite, features a receipt scanner, extensive reports, company cards, and detailed reports for domestic and international business travel.

Key features

  • Travel expense management: Track expenses before and after the trip
  • Advanced payments: Record early payments for invoices
  • Approval flows: Get reports approved for reimbursement


  • Detailed travel reports: Create expense reports with detailed trip information like flight, hotel, or car
  • Line item categorization: Line items are extracted from receipts so you can split and categorize line items
  • Report status UI: Lets you know what expenses and reports still need to be categorized or submitted


  • Limited mobile app: The mobile app doesn’t have as many features as the web app
  • Tailored for organizations: Reports can only be exported to users inside your organization
  • Basic expense summaries: You can only summarize expenses by merchant or category


  • Zoho Expense’s free plan includes 20 receipt scans and limited expense tracking
  • Subscription plans range from $36-$96/user/year

What to look for in mobile expense trackers?

User-friendly interface

Since phone screens aren’t as big as laptops or computers, there’s less space to work with. Having an app that lets you do everything with minimal taps is a huge time saver. Imagine opening an app that requires you to tap five buttons before you can scan a receipt. It may not seem like a lot but as a small business owner, your time is important.

Compatibility with different platforms

It’s disappointing when you’re about to buy an iPhone but the expense tracking app you’re using only works on Android. Consider an app that works and syncs your data on Android, iOS, tablets, and computers.

Expense categories and tags

When it comes to filing taxes and tax write-offs, it’s important that your expenses are categorized and tagged properly. It’s a pain when taxes are due and you have to sift through your expenses to see which ones are tax-deductible or not. Having the correct categories and tags allows you to claim tax deductions efficiently.

Receipt capture and OCR

Most expense trackers will have receipt capture but what really sets them apart is the OCR's accuracy. OCR stands for “Optical Character Recognition” and it’s what extracts the receipt data for you. If a scanner is constantly extracting the wrong data, you’ll be wasting time fixing it when it should be saving you time.

Integration with bank accounts and credit cards

Being able to import your credit card expenses saves a lot of time from manual data entry. If an app continues to sync your expenses for you, you can forget the data entry and just scan receipts. Importing your bank expenses also lets you see which expense came from which credit card.

Data synchronization and backup

As we move towards a paperless world, paper receipts get thrown away as they’re stored online. It’s important that scanned receipts are securely stored online as well as able to export them at any time.

Reports and analytics

Seeing where your money is spent will help you make smarter financial decisions, as well as file taxes easier. Reports that summarize and itemize your tax-deductible spending make tax filing painless.